Date: 03-22-2019
Duration: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Cost: .00

Registration Deadline:  3/20/19, 4pm

This live webinar will allow Program Directors, Grant Managers and other staff working on Clear Mission, Vision and Purpose to share with each other the following:

  • Glows:  From their work on this quality standard
  • Grows:  What they have learned while implementing CQI focused on this standard
  • Trainings and other activities they conducted with staff on this standard
  • Resources that they want to share with their peers.


  1. Phone in #:  641 715 3296,  code:  716707#
  2. Webinar link:
  3. Please sign on at least 10 minutes prior to call to download materials.



, CA

Intended Audience:

Academic Coach Grants Manager Program Director Regional Manager / Supervisor Site Coordinator

Event content will be offered for this/these competency level(s):

Development Mastery

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