Advisory Committee Meeting - January 19, 2018

PDF L1. ELTAU Staff Contact List
PDF L2. CDE Contact List - 2017-12-14
PDF L3. 2017-18 COP Co-Facilitators Contact List
PDF R1. Agenda--Advisory Committee
PDF R3. Advisory Note Form
PDF R4. Advisory Purpose 2018
PDF R5. ELTAU Foster Youth Training_Jan 2018
PDF R7a. 2017 Core Competency presentation - Advisory Mtg Jan. 2018
PDF R7b. Front Line 2017-18
PDF R7c. Site Coordinator 2017-18
PDF R7d. Program Director 17-18
PDF R7e. Grant Manager 2017-18
PDF R8. Summer Training
PDF R9. Advocacy Flyer
PDF R10. CA3--Assembly Bill
PDF R11a. EMM EDU 2Pager 03052017
PDF R11b. EMM EDU Registration Guide
PDF R11c. EMM Calendar 2018
PDF R11d. Matt_Emerzian--Video_Links
PDF R12a. CQI presentation for 1-19-18 advisory meeting
PDF R12b. SC CQI Where Are You At Activity Sheet 2-21-17
PDF R12c CQI Mid Year Check in survey
PDF R13. ASES Program Fee Manual PPT Presenation
PDF R14a. 2018 BOOST Student Hall of Fame Guidelines
PDF R14b. 2018 BOOST Student Artwork Form
PDF R15a. CalSAC Training Modules
PDF R15b. SAC_GeneralFlyer_JUL17
PDF R16. English Learners Symposium Flyer March 2 2018
PDF R17a. FLYER Remaining Older Youth COP Dates
PDF R17b. Clever Crazes Flyer February 23
PDF R17c. ASSETs Professional Development Series
PDF R17d. SCSS or SCFF 2of2 Growth Heartset 3_10 or 4_6
PDF R17e. Heart of Coaching Flyer
PDF R18. Qualitative Evaluation
PDF R19. Quantitative Evaluation
PDF R6a. CA Quality Standards LitCamp_design1R
PDF R6b. LitCamp Camper Survey
PDF R6c. LitCamp-Brochure-K-6
PDF R5b. Foster Youth - 2017-18 Tutoring Referral
PDF R5c. Best Practices for Utilizing Foster Youth Tutoring Referral Services: 1‐19‐18

Advisory Committee Meeting - May 11, 2018

PDF L1. LIAS card
PDF L2. 2019 April 30-May 3 BOOST card
PDF L3. 2018-03-27_QualityStandards-BOOKLET-File
PDF R1a. CQI Networking Activity
PDF R1b. SC CQI Where Are You At Activity Sheet
PDF R2. Agenda
PDF R3. Advisory Meeting Notes Sheet
PDF R4. Expanded Learning Division Strategic Plan Update
PDF R5a. SEC17_7238_Harmony-Roadmap-Implementation-Brochure_Final
PDF R5b. SEC17_5959_Sanford-Harmony-White-Paper-TemplateFIN
PDF R5c. Memorandum of Understanding FORM
PDF R5d. Sanford Harmony Pamphlet
PDF R5e. Sanford-Harmony-CASEL-Common-Core-Alignment-Guide
PDF R5f. Harmony-Scope-and-Sequence
PDF R6. 21st CCLC 2018-19 Geographic Locations Funding Chart
PDF R7a. Quality Design Team Report (1-10)
PDF R7b. Quality Design Team Report (11-15)
PDF R7c. Quality Design Team Report (16-19)
PDF R7d. Quality Design Team Report (20-24)
PDF R7e. Quality Design Team Report (25-28)
PDF R7f. Quality Design Team Report (29-33)
PDF R7g. Quality Design Team Report (34-38)
PDF R8a. SEL Planning Team Recommendations - At a Glance
PDF R8b. EXLD-SEL Planning Team Recommendations - From Stu
PDF R9. Summer Learning Implementation Committee Report
PDF R10a. Advocacy Community of Practice Flyer 18-19
PDF R10b. Advocacy Community of Practice Flyer 18-19_Outcomes
PDF R11a. STEAM 2018-19 flyer
PDF R11b. STEAM-YOMO-YouthMobileFestival--SciencePlusTechMeetsMobile
PDF R12a. 2018-19 Every Monday Matters (EMM) flyer
PDF R12b. 2018-19 EMM Certificate Course And Application
PDF R13a. 2018 June 18 & 19 Growth Heartset flyer
PDF R13b. 2018-19 Growth Heartset Application
PDF R14. New SC Boot Camp Flyer
PDF R15. 2018-19_SC-LeadershipDevDates
PDF R16a. Girl Scouts--LACOE_Webinar Presentation LACOE 5.3.18--2up
PDF R16b. Girl Scouts--Partnership-Flyer-2018_Final
PDF R16c. Girl Scouts--FallRecruitment_GIRL-OnePager_Final
PDF R17a. GLASM May 11 Advisory Committee_Slides_Updated--2up
PDF R17b. GLASM_Sustainability Resources Database_Draft April 2018-HANDOUT
PDF R17c. GLASM May 11 Dates 2017.2018 for Greater LA Summer Matters Network Meetings
PDF R18a. CalSAC Grant-Funded Modules
PDF R18b. CalSAC eLearning flyer
PDF R18c. CalSAC SAC_GeneralFlyer_JUL17
PDF R18d. CalSAC SAC_GeneralFlyer_JUL17
PDF R19. 2018-20 Where Are We Headed--2up
PDF R20. 2018-19 Offerings
PDF R21. Quantitative Evaluation
PDF R22. Qualitative Evaluation Form

Depth of Knowledge

Link to a website with detailed information on the Depth of Knowledge

Web Page Depth of Knowledge Guide

Common Core General Tools and Resources

  • LACOE Common Core Website

    The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), Division of Curriculum and Instructional Services is committed to providing up to date information regarding the implementation of the Common Core State Standards along with tools and resources to support all districts.
  • Digital Citizenship

    Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare students/technology users for a society full of technology.
  • Common Sense Media

    Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.
Web Page Common Core General Tools and Resources

Common Core Resources for Parents

  • EngageNY - Shifts for Students and Parents
    A critical component of a student’s success in school is dependent on what and how they learn at home. This practical guide provides steps that parents can take to improve their child’s learning of the Common Core.
  • Career and College Readiness
    Achieve’s Future Ready Project is a one-stop resource center designed for advocates of college and career readiness.
  • Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards
  • Hunt Institute
    To further aid states as they continue to implement the Common Core State Standards (Standards), the Hunt Institute and the Council of Chief State School Officers have commissioned a series of video vignettes that explain the Standards in far greater depth.
Web Page Common Core Resources for Parents