Six Hour Summer Approval Form

Dear After School Grant Recipient:


Per Senate Bill 429, California Education Code was amended to allow After School Summer* (formerly known as After School Supplemental) programs to operate a 6-hour program at a $15 per student per day reimbursement rate.


The After School Division would like to remind grantees of the opportunity for After School Summer sites to apply to operate an optional 6-hour summer program.


To apply, please use the attached form to designate all the sites that are Requesting to Operate a 6-hour Program and email to the After School mailbox at along with an updated program plan. (Please note that if you have previously been approved to run the 6 hour program you DO NOT need to reapply.)



* Per Senate Bill 1221, California Education Code Section 8482.1 has been amended to rename After School Supplemental to After School Summer:


8482.1(b) "Summer grant" means funding to operate any program in excess of 180 regular schooldays or during any combination of summer,

intersession, or vacation periods.



Thank you,


After School Division

California Department of Education

1430 N Street, Suite 3400

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916- 319-0923

PDF Six Hour Summer Approval Form
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