Advisory Committee Meeting - September 9, 2016

PDF Agenda 9.9.16
PDF 2016-2017 ASES Reporting Due Dates
PDF ASES Renewal
PDF BOOST Conference Artwork Request Form
PDF CalSac
PDF Career Connections
PDF CDE Contact List
PDF Coaching TA Site Visits for the Year Webinar
PDF Co-Facilitators List 2016-17
PDF CQI Offerings for the Year 2016-2017
PDF Customer Survey Results
PDF ELPIRE Contact List
PDF English Learner Symposium Flyer
PDF Evaluation 9.9.16
PDF Feedback Form 9.9.16
PDF Fiscal Staff Training Flyer
PDF Healthy Behaviors Flyer
PDF Legislative Update PowerPoint
PDF Meeting Notes Worksheet
PDF Networking Activity
PDF Older Youth Programs COP Flyer
PDF Peer Reviewer Program
PDF Site Coordinator Newsletter
PDF Social Emotional Learning PowerPoint
PDF Social Media Flyer
PDF Staff Developments Available for the Year 2016-2017
PDF Strategies For Improving SEL
PDF Suggested CQI Timetable For the Year 2016-2017
PDF Summer Matters Update
PDF Today On The Agenda
PDF Welcome Back Packet

Advisory Committee Meeting - November 4, 2016

PDF 2017 Student Artwork Form
PDF 2017_BOOST_Student_Hall_of_Fame_Guidelines
PDF ASTAU Advisory meeting notes sheet
PDF Attendance slide
PDF final agenda
PDF HBI General COP Flyer 12_13_16
PDF How to edit your name
PDF Older Youth COP Flyer
PDF Peer Reviewer Program
PDF Site Coordinator flyer at site 11-3-16
PDF Summer Matters TOT flyer version 2016-17
PDF Summer+TOT+application

Advisory Committee Meeting - January 20, 2017

PDF CDE Contact List
PDF LLC Co-facilitator Contact List
PDF LACOE Staff Contact List
PDF Agenda
PDF Advisory Notes Sheet
PDF Advisory Notes Sheet
PDF ELP Quality Improvement Plan Instructions
PDF ELP Quality Improvement Plan Template
PDF Guidance for Developing and Implementing a Quality Improvement Process
PDF AB 1567
PDF Attendance Relief Request
PDF Voluntary Reduction of Grant Award Form
PowerPoint SEL Presentation
PDF OLDER YOUTH Why do they act that way FLYER February 2 2017
PDF 8. Site Coordinator CQI COP Training On-Site FLYER
PDF Career Connections Flyer
PDF Core Competency Flyer
PDF Grant Manager Core Competency Survey
PDF Leyva Bill Would Save California
PDF ASES Sustainability Presentation
PDF Draft Sustainability Findings
PDF BOOST Art work form and overview
PDF CalSAC Training Modules 2016-2017
PDF Leadership Programs Outreach 3-ways to access
PDF SEL PD Model Flow Chart
PDF GOAL and OBJECTIVES Worksheet draft
PDF Upcoming Training 2016 2017
PDF Expanded Learning State of the Field National and California Perspectives FLYER
PDF Physical Activity Leadership Flyer
PDF Money Blues Got You Down Flyer
PDF Summer TOT Application
PDF Summer TOT
PDF Feedback Form

Advisory Committee Meeting - March 17, 2017

PDF 2017 Challenge Flyer
PDF 2017-18 Budget version 2
PDF Annual Performance Report (APR) - FY 2016-17
Word ASTAU Advisory meeting notes sheet
PDF Ca After School Resource Center
PDF CalSAC FREE Training Modules 2016-2017 - UPDATED 12.19.16
PDF Final Agenda
PDF Fwd_Breaking news_Afterschool funding eliminated by Trump proposal
PDF Grant Manager 2015-16
PDF Leadership Programs Outreach_LAST CHANCE LA 3.2017
PDF RE_Grantee Special Communications_FW_Cycle B 2017-18 ASES Renewal and Transportation Renewal Letters
PDF SEL PD Model Flow Chart_v9
PDF Site Manager 2015-16
PDF Summer TOT 2017
PDF Upcoming Webinars 2016-2017 as of March 3

Advisory Committee Meeting - May 12, 2017

PDF Agenda
PDF 2016-17 Highlights
PDF WINGS handout
PDF May 12, 2017 Networking Activity
PDF Advisory Meeting Notes Sheet
PDF DASH Application - California Expanded Learning Strategic Planning 2014-2017
PDF AB 2615
PDF Front Line 2016
PDF Grant Manager 2016
PDF Program Director 2016
PDF Site Coordinator 2016
PDF 2017 Core Competency presentation - advisory may 12, 2017
PDF California Core Competencies
PDF Sustainability
PDF Sustaining Summer docs 5.12.17
PDF BTB Observation Tool Rubric 1.20.15
PDF BTB Observation Tool-Sample 1
PDF 2017-18 BOOST brochure save the date
PDF SEL PD Model Flow Chart_v8
PDF Leadership Programs Outreach 7.20.16 3-ways to access
PDF NPASS Program Outreach Flyer with Micro-Credential
PDF Restorative Practices Training Series Flyer
PDF Summer TA Network Outreach Flyer 2016-17
PDF GM and PD power point
PDF Site Coordinator power point
PDF Feedback May 12, 2017
PDF Evaluation For 5.12.17
PDF CDE Contact List - May 5, 2017
PDF LLC/COP Co-Facilitators Contact List for 2016-17
PDF Staff Contact List - March 21, 2017