Six-hour Summer Approval Form- 2018 Summer

Dear Expanded Learning Grantees,

The California Department of Education’s Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) strongly encourages After School Education and Safety (ASES) and 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) grantees receiving Before School Summer and After School Summer funds to offer programming for students during the Summer of 2018. The benefits of summer learning opportunities are well documented for creating positive impacts on student achievement, student engagement, and school climate. The Before and After School Summer funds are flexible, however, they must be used for programming on any non-regular school day including weekends, summer, intersession, and vacation.

California Education Code (EC) (8483 (b)) requires that ASES After School Summer programs are to operate for three-hours per day at a reimbursement rate of $8.19 per day and 21st CCLC After School Summer at a reimbursement rate of $7.50 per day. The EC also allows for programs to operate for six-hours per day at a reimbursement rate of $16.38 (ASES) and $15.00 (21st CCLC) per day, with EXLD approval. After School Summer sites wishing to operate for six-hours per day must apply. Please use the attached Six-hour After School Summer Approval Form. This form is required for existing and new grantees awarded summer funds through 21st CCLC. E-mail your completed form to the Expanded Learning mailbox at (Please note that if you have been previously approved to run a six-hour program you DO NOT need to re-apply.)

Grant recipients proposing to operate any before or after school summer program at a site other than that of the regular school day activity must complete the attached Off-site Program Information form. Please identify each off-campus program site and indicate from which schools the pupils will be drawn. Note: the program site is the physical location where the after school summer program and services will be provided. One program site may serve students from more than one school. The program site must be a safe and easily accessible facility.


  • Expanded Learning Division Summer FAQ’s coming soon!
  • You for Youth (Y4Y) is a national organization that helps support expanded learning programs. They have created several tools and resources specifically for summer programming, including Action Plan templates (i.e.- Creating a summer learning program schedule, Create positive environments for summer learning , Youth Recruitment Planner, Mapping needs to activities, etc.) Please visit the Y4Y Web site at
  • Summer Matters Campaign has created tools and resources such as a summer learning timeline and how to implement the Continuous Quality Improvement process in your summer programming. Please visit the Summer Matters’ Tools Web page at

If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact your Regional Consultant or the Expanded Learning Division at 916-319-0923.

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PDF Six-hour Summer Approval Form

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