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Raise Your Voice on Behalf of English Learners: February 14, 2013


The Common Core Standards are a great opportunity to make a significant difference for English Learners, but ONLY if we pay attention to the following:

With the Common Core Standards, all teachers will need to support active, academic language development. So teachers need:

  • professional development, coaching and support in the language strategies needed for active language engagement and academic language development in the classroom.
  • appropriate curriculum and supplementary materials to support academic and oral language development across the curriculum.
  • relief from using curriculum and strategies that are mostly teacher-directed, teacher-talk, and support for using collaborative, interactive, inquiry-based pedagogy instead.

You can't build rigor on a weak foundation! In order for the Common Core to work for English Learners, schools need to provide a basic foundation of English Learner support, including: 

  • strong ELD instruction with appropriate materials and professional development.
  • teacher professional development on providing English Learner access to core content by focusing on academic language development, scaffolding and differentiation strategies for varying English proficiency levels.
  • guidance and support for implementing strong research-based English Learner program models, including dual language and bilingual alternative options.

See attached for more information: 


PDF Raise Your Voice on Behalf of English Learners